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Black East Indie Ducks are pure black bantam ducks and only weigh about 1.5 pounds. They look like mini Black Cayugas, although the green sheen on Black East Indie Ducks is brighter and greener than the Cayuga sheen. Bills and feet are black, and eyes are dark.

Black East Indie Ducks are the second most popular bantam duck at poultry shows, (Call Ducks being the first). Although Black East Indie Ducks only come in black, they are quieter by far than Call Ducks and are friendly and easy ducks to keep.

They are raised for decoration, as pets, and for showing. Black East Indie Ducks are also often chosen for pest control purposes. They are excellent hunters and foragers of bugs including mosquitoes and spiders. They don’t require as much room and space as larger ducks.

Black East Indie Ducks are a long, mallard-shaped duck. The stunning look of the green sheen is more beautiful than can be described with mere words or even with photography. Males and females are both pure black with the green being particularly strong on the heads of the males. Male Black East Indie Ducks have a slightly fuller and more masculine head.

The Black East Indie Ducks we offer are adult ducks. Black East Indie Ducklings are too delicate for travel due to their very tiny size.

Production: Like Cayugas, the eggs of Black East Indie Ducks are gray. The first eggs of the laying season can be almost black with the color fading to very light gray by the end of the laying season. These gray eggs make a real statement of diversity in a dozen eggs! Black East Indie Ducks are not heavy layers though and are mostly raised as ornamental birds or as pets.

Temperament: Black East Indie Ducks are a bit shyer than Call Ducks but gentle and sociable. They do fly very well, so pens should include a top, or their wings must be clipped once a year.

History: The APA recognized this breed in its first standard in 1874. Despite their name and their tropical appearance, there is no evidence that these birds originated in the East Indies. The Black East Indie Duck was created and developed at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the U.S. Then, the breed made its way over to England. In England, it was improved during the later part of the 1800s. The Black East Indie Duck breed was finally perfected in the later half of the twentieth century in the U.S. One might be tempted to assume that these ducks were descended from the wild American Black Duck or Cayuga Duck. Evidence suggests that the original Black East Indie Ducks descended from a Mallard mutation.

APA Class: Bantam Duck Class

Conservation Status: not listed

Weight: Young Males 26 ounces, young females 22 ounces


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