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The colorful Jandaya Parakeet for sale, or Jenday Conure (Aratinga jandaya) is a small Neotropical parrot with green wings and tail, reddish-orange body, yellow head and neck, orange cheeks and black bill native to wooded habitats in northeastern Brazil. It is a member of the Aratinga solstitialis complex of parakeets very closely related to, and possibly subspecies of sun parakeet. The bird has a wide range but is locally rare in the wild; they are common in aviculture where they are known as “Jenday Conures”. Based on size, morphology and plumage, this species is believed to be a close living relative of the extinct Carolina parakeet, possibly the closest, though that has not been confirmed by molecular phylogenetics which found the nanday parakeet to be the Carolina parakeet’s closest living relative among the species tested. The Jenday Conure is a small long-tailed parakeet with reddish orange body, green wings, vent and tail, yellow head, neck, and shoulders, orange cheeks, black bill, whitish periophthalmic ring and dark eyes. Jenday Conures live in pairs or small groups of 10 to 15 birds.

Geography: NE Brazil

Song / Call: Click here for Jenday Conure Call

Size: 12″ / 125-140gm.

LIfe Span: Up to 30 yrs

Sexing: Monomorphic (visually hard to determine sex)

Temperament: Jenday Conures are known for their intelligence and can be trained to perform pet-like behaviors. They are playful cuddlers and make a wonderful family pet who are very affectionate towards their owners. Jenday Conures are able to bond with everyone in the house. This is a trusting bird, intelligent enough to learn simple tricks, and it can learn to talk.

Breeding: With the right aviary, Jendays will breed easily.

Diet:  Lovebird/Conure Seed Mix, Australian Blend Goldenfeast, fruit pellets, nuts and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies


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