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Fiery Golden Mantle is also known as the Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius).

Diet: should include lots of fruit and vegetables, and some healthy table foods. Your hand-fed, tame rosella will love to sit on your shoulder at the dinner table, and will be quite well behaved, unlike many birds that will tend to wander. This is a good way to reinforce the bond between you and your bird, and you can feed him tidbits from you plate. These birds are reported to live for more than 25 years if cared-for properly.

Behavior: A gentle, easy-going bird, the golden-mantled rosella can be an ideal family pet. It is not a cuddler, and will not stand for much petting, but will be content to ride around on your shoulder. A very tame rosella is a good bird for a child who is mature enough to behave properly around any bird. As with all birds, there is the possibility of biting, so be careful with a child’s tender fingers. Rosellas make great aviary birds, and will still retain their pet quality in a flighted situation if you take the time to play with them.A well-socialized golden-mantled rosella can become quite attached to you and will relish your company. He may become despondent if you do not have to time to spend with him. In this case, you may want to consider two.

DNA Testing

If there is no gender option listed for a bird on our website, that particular species is ‘monomorphic’, which means we’re unable to determine gender without purchasing DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $149 per bird to guarantee preferred gender. DNA testing may add an additional 3-6 plus weeks to estimated delivery time to allow for gender results. See our FAQs for more info.


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