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Hyacinth macaws are the longest parrots in the world, reaching a massive 100 centimeters in their name implies, are covered with bright blue plumage. They have bare yellow eye ring circles around large black eyes, a yellow chin, a strongly hooked beak and feet (2 toes that point forward and 2 toes that point backward). the Blue Macaw lifespan can also be up to 70 years if proper care is provided.Their beak is able to carry around 200 pound pressure per inch which indicates they can break a half broomstick in just one crunch. Our Macaw uses their toes as hands and can grab things easily while it helps them climb  their cages perfectly. When they are kept as pet in cage, their intelligence and strength are enough capable to disassemble or unlock the cage very cleverly. This species is very close to their mate and share food with them thus maintains mutual grooming. Also they mate mainly for life.Macaws are playful and inquisitive and are able to mimic human vocalizations very well. Very active and playful; need many toys, large amount of exercise, mental stimulation, and human interaction. 


Buy Hyacinth Macaw For Sale

Our bright and charming Blue macaw is really pleasant to the eyes, Hyacinths are playful, intelligent, and avid chewers. They love puzzling toys, interlocking toys, or toys with surprise treats that have to be extracted. However, if they are not properly stimulated, they can become loud and destructive.

Regular, supervised playtime outside the cage and human interaction is essential. Also, our baby is very active and playful; need many toys, a large amount of exercise, mental stimulation, and human interaction. With a wingspan of nearly 4 feet, a cage size of 5 ft. W x 6 ft. H x 3  ft. D is the absolute minimum. Allowing a full wingspan stretch helps prevent muscle atrophy. Since their beaks are stronger than those of any other bird, they are known to chew through the welds on regular metal cages easily. Buy Hyacinth Macaw For Sale

Heavy-duty stainless steel cages are the best choice for these birds. Lots of wooden toys and tree branches should be provided for them to chew all the time. A large and replaceable play tree is good to set in their cage as a play gym is a must for them. Also ensure, the play gym is sturdy enough as it needs to withstand against the hard beak of Blue Macaw. They can interact with human effectively while this parrot should be given enough free time daily to play around it is important to have extensive knowledge to tackle them carefully. Buy Hyacinth Macaw For Sale


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