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India Blue Peafowl

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in your backyard swing and having an exotic long-tailed peacock strutting in front of you? Of course, their colors are on full display for you to appreciate and, of course, your neighbors to envy?

Well, Purely Poultry is here to make that dream come true!  We have started (3-4 months) pairs and single males in standard India Blue and India Blue Pied, which blends white feathers amongst the brilliant greens and blues to make the most magnificent looking birds.

Our male/female pairs are DNA sexed and, once they reach breeder age at 2-3 years, will have offspring that is an assortment of colors ranging from India Blue to an almost all-white variety of India Blue Pied.  Peafowl are easy to care for and love to roost in trees, which helps to keep them safe with less effort.

India Blue Peafowl are the elegantly classic peacocks of lore and legend. Modern peafowl come in dozens of varieties and patterns but are the same as those that graced the emerald green expanses of the landed gentry in the British Isles. Bring a little of their magic home today as they make excellent additions to less fussy yards and can make themselves comfortably at home in a variety of conditions.

The male India Blue Peafowl, commonly known as the peacock, is known for its vibrantly extravagant display of bright feathers. However, their female counterparts, or peahens, are no slouches in the looks department themselves, even though they make less of a visual splash than the male of the species. Most homeowners who choose to raise India Blue Peafowls in their backyards choose to have one peacock and several peahens to prevent competition between males.

India Blue Peafowl can be purchased at various ages and stages of development as well as bought in pairs. Those who buy them can have them conveniently delivered to their homes via the United States Postal Service. These vibrant birds are easy to care for and significantly enhance the outdoor ambiance of households that choose to include them in their backyard poultry collections.


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