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This cage kit is perfect for both first-time pet owners and current pet owners. The Medium Flight Cage Kit is ideal for cockatiels and other medium birds; the cage includes 2 plastic cups and 2 wood perches, and lots of toys and accessories. The cage also has a removable bottom grill and pull-out drawer for easy cleaning.


Product Features:
● Dimension: 26″ L x 14″ W x 22-1/2″ H
● 13/16 Gauge wire
● 1/2″ Spacing
● 2 Plastic cups
● 2 Wood perches
● Cuttlebone
● Mineral block
● Calcium perch
● Mesh seed guard
● Acrylic toy
● Wood toy
● Wood ladder
● Wood swing
● Removable bottom grill
● Pull-out drawer
● Black mesh with blue top and base

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