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Rare Peafowl

You’ve seen the India Blue peafowl, and I think we can all agree they are exotic and stunning.  If you’ve looked around a bit, you may have seen the magnificent hat are grand enough to appear in magic shows and the greatest aviaries worldwide.  But.. have you ever seen a Purple Peacock?  How about Opal, Pied, Spaulding, or the majestic Java Green?

Peafowl exist in a rainbow of colors from Jade to Violette, Cameo to Silver, and bounteous colors you (and your neighbors and friends) have likely never seen before.  To put the icing on the proverbial cake, these rare colors can also appear in rare patterns such as White-Eye, where the tips of the feathers are white or lighter in color than normal; or Pied, where the feathers are splashed with white throughout the bird.

With Purely Poultry’s Rare Peafowl collection, owning various editions of these magnificent and hard-to-find peafowl is literally at your fingertips!  Call or place your order today, you could adorn your property with one of these rare spectacles by the weekend!

*Due to size, Peafowl can be shipped in Male/Female Pairs or Female/Female Pairs in a single box/ shipment. With the larger tail size, we can fit only one male per box. 


Additional Information:

There are 12 approved and recognized colors of peafowl according to the UPA (United Peafowl Association). Within those 12 colors, there are multiple combinations of patterns currently equaling 225 different peafowl varieties. The rare peafowl colors are genetic mutations. Many of the unusually colored peafowl have feathers that fade during the course of the summer, creating an ever-changing palette of iridescent colors.

We have a wide assortment of the rainbow of colors and varieties of peafowl; availability fluctuates as these are very rare birds.

Like all peafowl, the rare and unusual varieties of Peafowl are easy to care for. Peafowl are robust and hardy birds. They do fine in colder climates but should be provided with some shelter for wet winter weather. Peafowl are savvy birds and can take care of themselves against many predators. If not kept in a covered aviary, they will take shelter in trees at nighttime. Be sure to plan your shelter taking their long train feathers into consideration. Roosts need to be at least 7 feet high to keep the feathers from dragging on the ground. And room should be provided for when the birds display.

Peafowl breeding season is springtime through midsummer. Peahens will lay clutches of 6-10 eggs. Incubation takes 28 days. Rare Peafowl chicks are often surprising in the color variations that can be produced.



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