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The red-bill hornbill (Tockus erythrorhynchus) have a thin, red bill and pale head with dark gray, neck and white face. Their body is sooty brown with white stripe down center, white belly, black with white spotted primaries, and black tail. Males and females are similar in appearance, but males are slightly larger.

Geography: Senegal, Africa to Ethiopia and Somalia and south to Kenya, Botswana, Angola and Mozambique. Their habitat is open savanna, woodland and thorn scrub.

Size: 50-60 cm (19-24 in.) total length

Weight: Less than .45 kg (less than 1 lb.)

Diet: Primarily insects, but will also take geckos, birds’ eggs and nestlings; occasionally, they will scavenge dead rodents. They are omnivorous, taking insects, fruit and seeds. They feed mainly on the ground and will form flocks outside the breeding season

Incubation: 23-25 days

Clutch size 3-5 eggs

Sexual Maturity: No data

Life Span: Averages about 15 years


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