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The Silver Ring Teal is a special colored mutation of the wild Ringed Teal, Callonetta leucophrys. Silver Ring Teals are stylish and elegant waterfowl, and the pairs are particularly handsome and striking together.

Both sexes are much lighter in color than Ringed Teal. There is a bit of a range of lightness among individual birds. Some males have pure white feathering across their backs while others have an almost peach-colored back. Male Silver Ring Teal have blue bills and large dark eyes, which are set off beautifully against their light facial feathering. Males also have a dark stripe down the back of their heads and black speckling over their creamy-peach upper breast. Male Silver Ring Teal also does not eclipse, so plumage retains its coloration all year round.

Females are paler in general than the males, missing the drama of the dark feathering. But with their pinkish bills, pretty dark eyes, and speckling and lacing of fawn and lavender feathers, they are very striking birds.

Silver Ring Teal are sought-after and popular small ducks for both hobbyists and serious avian collectors. These birds are simple to raise. Ringed Teal in general are great beginner birds for those just starting in keeping wild waterfowl.

Range: The wild Ringed Teal is a native South American bird. Silver Ring Teal are usually not found in the wild.

Habitat: Ringed Teal in their native environment would be found in wet forest areas. When raising Silver Ring Teal, it is important to keep this habitat in mind – your captive ducks will need both water and roosting areas.

Status in the Wild: Ringed Teal are abundant in the wild.

Status in Aviculture: Ringed Teal have always been very popular in Aviculture, and the rare color mutations, like the Silver Ring Teal, are in high demand.

Breeding: Silver Ring Teal, like most Ringed Teal, form strong pair bonds during the breeding season, but they do not necessarily mate for life. Males perform entertaining courtship behaviors, and breeding is usually very successful in captivity. The breeding season is often long and can lead to a second clutch of eggs. Female Silver Ring Teal usually lay a clutch of 5-19 eggs at a time, and incubation is 23-25 days. Both parents raise and protect the young.

Lifespan: In optimal conditions, Silver Ring Teal can live 10-15 years.

Size: Silver Ring Teal are small in size and measure 14-15 inches in total body length, They weigh under a pound – usually 11-12 ounces.

Housing Requirements: The ideal enclosure for your Silver Ring Teal should consist of an enclosed water source, secluded areas for rest, and raised roosts and wood-duck-style nest boxes. If kept with other species, be watchful that these smaller ducks are not bullied by larger species. In mixed-species groups, always provide plenty of nest box options and brush or other hiding places. Some winter protection and heat may be needed if you live in a cold climate.

Diet: A quality waterfowl feed would be appropriate for Silver Ring Teal, but additionally providing access to a natural water source or pond with plant matter would be well-appreciated by your birds.

Miscellaneous Notes: Silver Ring Teal are true examples of dabbling ducks. They are particularly buoyant and usually do not dive or completely submerge themselves while feeding on the water. They are most often seen with their rears and tails pointing up out of water.


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